Plz Fire Me

Sorry Potatoe4ever i did not quit blogging. but I work on way to many blogs. You can fire me if you want to.


A little tiny request…

A Little Tiny Request potatoe4ever….

So It’s me Pixie one of your kind-hearted workers! 🙂 I just wanna give you a little task..

Can you please change me into a Admin? My most perfect job on this blog is a Admin and that is most-likely the best choice for me anyways..

<………………………………..Of you Agree you may reply in comments ………………………………..>

I ❤ This blog is amazing and potatoe4ever is a very kind-hearted ( one of my favourite words) and amazing…

See ya, Haileycakes, Pixie

New To The Blog!:)


You can call me Pixie. I now work on potatoe4ever’s blog!: I am proudly a Author of this blog and I am so happy that i know work on this blog.. so far i have been working on Fantage Candi, Fantage News Dudes, This Blog and I am very happy to be working here.

Contact Information


 twitter: @smartartist_

WordPress Account: pixie


Image Go to the grotto right now to get some new moodie OR if your a member, get the board too


oooooh ok Comic crest???????????????????????????????

Good news

Hey guys 🙂 So i got some REALLY good news ! I won’t shut down the blog after all ! Thank you to everyone who supports me and it seriously means alot !!! ❤ 

So please check out Haileycakess_ news paper here ! for info’s about the released event !



Thank you for supporting me and i love you guys all<3 


Sincerly, The owner 🙂



Hello guys, i got some bad news… I might shut down the blog OR make this blog about something else.

Reasons : 

  • I don’t play Fantage anymore
  • Even if i do play fantage, i get too lazy to post stuff…. ;m;

So that’s it, but please don’t unfollow, you might love what i do next !


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